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Live Dam-stock Yabbies

These yabbies are generally 3-8 months old, are generally bigger than the yabbies used for most fishing. They are usually good survivors, as they are too big for most fish, turtles etc but are small enough to reduce wandering. Most of these yabbies are mature enough to breed. These yabbies suit anyone looking to stock a dam or pond with yabbies.

The price for these yabbies is $100 per 200 yabbies + Delivery. Product is packed with care in styrofoam box and will arrive to you in prime condition.

damstock yabby


Live Freshwater Mussels

These freshwater mussels (Velesunio Ambiguus) are great for ponds or aquariums. They live on bacteria eg algae and are good for anyone with fish ponds that want to clean the water up a bit. Mussels suck the water in, feeding on everything they can find amongst and then spit out clen clear water. They go well in fish tanks, and move around using a tongue-like device which comes out between the crack in the 2 shells. These mussels can also be eaten, though most people find them too tough and not very nice.

Freshwater mussels are available for $60/100 mussels, or $100/200 mussels.


Lupins (Fish Food)

Proven to be very effective in aquaculture as fish-food, this sinking-type grain is perfect to feed your crayfish, shrimp or fish . Key minerals in lupins include calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and sulphur. $34/40Kg bag or $22/20Kg bag.


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