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Live Aquarium Yabbies

Small, Medium and Large yabbies available. These are the 'special' hand-picked yabbies - the brightest and prettiest yabbies suitable for your fish tank. Available for those who just want one or two yabbies and not the bulk packs we offer. Grab yourself a crustacean friend today! $8 each.

Live Freshwater Mussels

Bi-valves for your fish tank! Surprisingly mobile fellaz, will naturally filter your tank for you! $2/each.

Live Catfish

Coming Soon.


Fish Tank Gravel

Excellent gravel for your fish tank or aquarium. $12/10Kg bag.


Lupins (Fish Food)

Proven to be very effective in aquaculture as fish-food, this sinking-type grain is perfect to feed your crayfish, shrimp or fish . Key minerals in lupins include calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and sulphur. $34/40Kg bag or $22/20Kg bag.


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