About us

Here is a bit of information about Crayfresh Yabbies. Want to know more about yabbies in general ? Click here!

Crayfresh Yabbies began operations in late 2003, and is based just outside of Dubbo, in the Central West of NSW. Crayfresh Yabbies sells live yabbies for human consumption, for fishing bait, dam-stock, and for aquarium. Crayfresh Yabbies also sell live Freshwater Mussels.

Crayfresh Yabbies yabbies are sourced from farm dams, which is where yabbies thrive. After the yabbies are caught they are taken back to base and graded. Table yabbies need to be held and purged for a few days before they can be sold. Yabbies are then sent to a local shop, off to Sydney or to fulfill any orders placed.














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